Design Services In The Hamptons

Our interior design services work with clients on home and office renovations, remodels, upgrades, and with newly inhabited spaces. 

We enjoy working with our clients to find the perfect design statement and feeling for each and every home and business. The spaces you live and work in tell the story about who you are. With our help you will obtain the Decorative Details needed to realize your highest wish for your home or office aesthetic.



Residential Interior Design 

At Decorative Details we work with you through every phase of the design process to create a home you'll love to live in.  We help you with small-scale projects, such as window treatments, color and fabric consultations, upholstery. We also provide a full spectrum of interior design services: including "turn key" design, where everything from the furniture to the accessories are properly in place and waiting for you to walk in. 

Commercial Interior Design 

The design of your work space speaks volumes about the work your company does. We get to know you, your work culture and your clients.  Functionality and accessibility are factors in the design but not to the exclusion of art and whimsy. Everyone who enters your place of business will have a memorable experience.  Our design skill and your vision will create the commercial space of your dreams.